Treating Glaucoma Naturally | Is Glaucoma Curable?

Is Glaucoma Curable?

Anyone who suffers from glaucoma will ask himself the question: is glaucoma curable?

First, if you detect or suspect glaucoma you should talk to a doctor, because if left untreated the risk of permanent blindness is very high.

The two main treatment options for Glaucoma are drugs for the tension or the draining of the fluid from the eyes.

Unfortunately these treatment options do not fix the root problem, but only tackle the symptoms of glaucoma. Most people will still suffer from vision loss sooner or later. These methods merely serve to prolong the unavoidable for a while longer.

Stress factors play a major role in the development of glaucoma. But once diagnosed with the disease the stress usually becomes even worse, since most people are naturally scared of vision loss. Fear of the unknown and worry can thus lead to an aggravation of the symptoms.

However, you can take steps yourself to treating glaucoma naturally by learning how to compeltely relax the eyes. Find out more with Vision Without Glasses™.

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